by Kony

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released April 24, 2012



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Kony Charlotte, North Carolina

Adam Burgess, Brett Green, Christian Spence.

Island was recorded on a 4 track. It was written and recorded between the hours of 5 Pm and 11 Pm.
Welcome to Kony Island, enjoy your stay.

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Track Name: Bass Drum Bathtub/What I'd Do With An Empty House
a hope for home, a home for hope a tongue to speak, a tongue to choke. i never knew you. to forget is to kill yourself.
Track Name: Horse Jessica Parker
sitting in the back of my friends car, i realize that maybe, just maybe, my morals are influenced by my levels of self confidence. you're an installation to him and i'm wasted on myself.
Track Name: The River, Television
if i ever knew your name, maybe i'd learn to love your shame. i'm done.

i found peace floating down the river.
Track Name: The Jon Chapman Squat
then i woke up on your sisters bed, and i fell like a tv that was thrown off a brigde. sank a little down, then came back up again, and i felt a lot better since then. it felt so right.

welcome to kony island. enjoy your stay.